A love affair…

Some people have affairs.  Some people more than once.  Twice it has happened to me  that I have fallen not for another person but for a house!  With Alde Leane it was love at first sight, from the first time I came here, one autumnal sunday morning.  Despite its woebegone state and the time of year I felt that it had potential and great energy.  I quickly realised I would like to run retreats here and to allow Alde Leane to become a place where others too could find refuge fr m busy lives.

The garden was overgrown, saplings alongside the house, the lawn one big dandelion.   The gutters broken.  Barn doors almost falling off.  The house neglected, filthy and unloved, hence our first job has been renovating this again, giving it lots of love, to make it into a comfortable place to stay again. We have enjoyed the journey.

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